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Couples Therapy

We fall/tumble/careen into love, but making love last a lifetime is no accident. Building a healthy relationship requires intentionality and develops with time and tenderness. 

As your therapist, I will guide you in cultivating the relationship you are striving for. Together, we will engage in a loving and creative process that acknowledges the inherent complexity, messiness, and joy of relationship. I blend cutting-edge approaches rooted in mindfulness and embodied techniques to assist clients in gaining greater access to their emotions, deepening their intimacy and sexual connection, and developing communication skills. 

Therapy can be a transformative, fun and even sexy process. We will work hard, we will laugh together, and you will walk out of my office feeling more connected with each other every week. 


Some challenges where therapy could lend a helpful and supporting hand: considering children/adjusting to being new parents; incompatible sex drives or sexual disconnection; struggling with the aftermath of infidelity; addressing impact of trauma on the relationship; improving communication skills; wedding/pre-marital counseling; the ever-present challenge of work/life balance; relationship ambivalence; breaking the cycle of disconnection and discontent.

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