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Sex Therapy

I believe that people have a right to enjoy their bodies to the highest potential. I believe all human beings have a fundamental right to experience pleasure, as they define it. I believe that sexual rights are human rights.


I believe sex is a vital aspect of relationship and intimacy, and that sex has the capacity to deepen the emotional connection between partners.


It can be distressing when sex isn’t happening the way we would like it to. We were told sex should be easy, but often it’s anything but.


Therapy can be an effective process for addressing sexual hopes, concerns and dreams.

My job is supporting you in discovering your capacity for pleasure, fulfillment and connection. I’ve been working with sexuality in my practice for over eight years.


Sex therapy can address reigniting the passion, decreased intimacy, difficulty achieving orgasms, drive disparity, impact of religious background on sexuality, impact of trauma on present experiences. I specialize in working with women and couples, with a focus on working through the journey of fertility and pregnancy. Trying to conceive (whether straight or gay), as well as pregnancy itself, can be stressful and impact sex in a myriad of ways. Therapy can be a supportive way to learn more about your changing erotic self.


I welcome all genders and sexual identities.

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