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Individual Therapy

Short or long-term therapy can help in times of growth, crisis, transition, and uncertainty. Therapy can be an effective approach towards clarifying your needs, removing obstacles, and bringing your dreams into fruition.

​We will engage in a creative process that acknowledges the inherent complexity, messiness, and joy of life. I blend cutting-edge approaches rooted in mindfulness and embodied techniques to assist you in gaining greater access to your emotions and deepening self-awareness.


By getting to know yourself better, cultivating greater compassion for yourself and developing communication skills, we can work together to help you have more satisfying relationships in all aspects of your life.


Some examples of situations where the support of therapy could have a positive effect on your life: reducing anxiety; alleviating symptoms of depression; exploring relationship challenges; work stress; life transitions; existential crises; healing/integrating childhood trauma. I specialize in women’s issues such as fertility, pregnancy, miscarriage, self-esteem, body image, sex, and finding/expressing your voice.

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